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Carol A. Joyce, the author of the popular e-book How To Meditate available on and Skillbites. NEW! How To Meditate is now available in audio version (click here to sample). Her meditation classes are held in the Chicagoland area at The Infinity Foundation (Highland Park, IL) and in Park Ridge, IL at different venues. Consciousness explorers from Illinois, Michigan, WIisconsin, and Iowa have sought to attend her Hemi-Sync and Monroe Institute meditation workshops for an unique, life-transforming  experience and the  value added to their daily life. Carol is also a Residential Trainer and trains classes for The Monroe Institute in Farber, Virginia. Carol has again been named to the “Top 100 Life Coach Blogs”.


Carol Joyce, EzineArticles Basic Author


It looks at a way of being beyond our 5 physical senses. We venture into the unknown by exploring connecting to our source or our higher-self (you may have another name for infinite consciousness) to access information, guidance, problem solve, generate innovative thinking, and discover answers that can dramatically improve our lives. In fact, many would say we’ve always been able to do that we’ve just forgotten how. Sounds great!  But HOW do we do that? Most schools don’t teach it.

True!  For now, we have to seek or stumble upon this important part of our education. With time, that will change. Currently, most schools teach that the answers we are looking for are most often found outside of ourselves.  True wisdom comes from within. This website is dedicated to bringing that information to you through blogs, workshops, retreats, events, and videos.

We are Infinite Consciousness.  Once we grasp the magnificence of who we are and understand how to go within for our solutions, guidance, and answers – our lives become a lot simpler and more joyful.

An excellent way of connecting to our infinite consciousness is through meditation. Find a meditation modality that works for you.  Shutting off the mind chatter can be challenging for first time meditators and even advanced meditators, at times. That is why technologies like Hemi-Sync®, which I use in my Two-Day Gateway Voyage Outreach Workshops, as an Accredited Monroe Institute ( Outreach Facilitator, are excellent. Try it! Once you have established your access channel – your life will be transformed.


MEDITATION: The Mind’s Magic Carpet Ride 

The kid in me always wanted to take a magic carpet ride. What child doesn’t? I LOVED the Disney movie ALADDIN for that reason. The magic carpet takes center stage as a character in the film. Wikipedia defines Aladdin’s magic carpet like this:

 It is an ancient carpet that was found by Aladdin in the Cave of Wonders’ treasure room. It is playful, intelligent, and helpful as it interacts with Aladdin and Abu.

Much like Aladdin’s adventures in the movie, in meditation, you enter your very own Cave of Wonders. Your treasure room is located in your consciousness. Your steerage is your intention.

Like the movie’s magic carpet, your subconscious will often be playful using symbols, frequently, with a sense of humor, to respond to your intention or inquiry. Your answers can be metaphors, pictures, or synchronicities. Go with your gut instinct when interpreting your guidance. You will find great wisdom in the treasure room of your consciousness.

Consistent meditators report finding the helpful answer or insight needed at exactly the right time. They also report experiencing reduced stress, increased relaxation, concentration and retention, access to internal guidance, creativity, and intuition.

The best emotional preparation is doing a quick opening your heart exercise.  To do this: Close your eyes.  Take a deep cleansing breath. See the face of a loved one.  Feel the love you have for them envelop you heart area. Feel the feelings of warmth and tenderness grow in your heart area. Your loving feelings have created a receptive state for meditation. You are now ready to begin.

 Helpful Tips for Meditating:

 1)   Best time of day is right after awakening, sunrise, or just before bed. Be consistent.

2)   The length of time depends on you but 30 minutes is average. However, a range from 10 minutes to an hour is common.

3)   Create a special place where you can meditate daily include all of the senses.  Scents, textures, sounds, visuals that have special meaning.

4)   Eat light or not at all before meditation

5)   Set intention

6)   Journal your thoughts immediately after the meditation

Don’t wait another minute to discover that true wisdom lies within. Hop on your own Magic Carpet and enjoy exploring your Cave of Wonders. Join me for a great adventure at one or our Monroe Institute (TMI) accredited workshops.

I CONFESS to meditating before coming up with the title and this article.  Smilie: :)


                   Manifesting Tips: How Important Is Having a Vision For Your Life?

Learn how great manifestors through the ages applied the ability to envision the future and affect their outcomes.

So you have a world-changing idea! Or you want to create a wonderful life. Now what? Well, that depends. How powerful is your imagination? The limits of your imagination will be the limits of your success. Your ability to envision your desired outcome has a major impact on the results you will achieve.

What you can see in your mind’s eye will be what you get! Believe it. Develop it. Perfect it.

This is The Law of Prosperity and Manifestation at work here. Understanding the importance of envisioning where you want to go coupled with a focused plan and action is understanding The Law of Prosperity and how it functions. You can apply it to creating a prosperous business, a successful life or anything else you desire. Belief in this law is documented as far back as the beginning of man.

  • The caveman drew pictures on the cave wall believing that in doing so the prey they were hunting would be drawn to them.
  • The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt commissioned pictures to be drawn on palace walls depicting the accomplishments they desired for their royal children.
  • Winston Churchill’s mother during his childhood through to adulthood pictured tremendous political success for her son. Winston’s own desires were in alignment with his mother’s vision for him. In his first runs for office, even when he lost, he acted like he won. He could be heard confidently exclaiming “I don’t think they’ve heard the last of us”.
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR), the only president elected four times, had Louis Powell in his corner. Today, Powell’s role would be that of a Business and Personal Coach. Powell began calling Roosevelt, Mr. President, 20 years before it happened. In 1929, at the age of 39, FDR was stricken with poliomyelitis resulting in total paralysis of both legs and hips. Did he quit? No! In fact, Roosevelt calls this his turning point, a blessing in disguise, recognizing he had strength he never knew he had. At the same time, Mrs. Roosevelt requested Powell move in to their house. Together they began speaking success to FDR and picturing it with him on a daily basis.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader during the latter stages of the French Revolution. His military prowess, at one time, was legendary. His method? He used a map with flags that represented the areas he would conquer long before they happened. He even dictated on paper the blunders the opposing army would make, in great detail, and coincidentally, they would come to pass.

While the above examples are diverse, applying The Law of Prosperity and Manifestation to creating a the life you desire is essentially the same: The power of the mind to picture the desired outcomes instills hope and belief and ultimately mental acceptance of the desired outcome, which can speed results.

The bigger the objective the more time it will take to manifest – so don’t become impatient. Some things you can do to strengthen your picturing ability:

  1. Mindful meditation envisioning your goals (several times a week)
  2. Write it out in detail (the act of writing seems to boost the result)
  3. Picture a scene in which you felt pure joy. Remove the scene but retain the feeling of joy. Now replace the scene with the outcome you desire. Keep feeling the joy. Then lean in. Do this several times a day for as long as you can sustain both the feeling of joy and the picture of the desired outcome in your mind. Very important!
  4. Speak it out loud as if it is already accomplished (affirmations)
  5. Expect it to manifest
  6. Don’t tell everyone (that diminishes the energy required to manifest)

Don’t wait to make these changes. Make a commitment to yourself and take action today!


           Ideas on How to Jump Off  The Time-For-Money Treadmill

Research shows that 80% of people will never achieve the financial success they want. That’s an astounding percentage of people not fulfilling their  earning potential! Why? They are relying solely on the Time-For-Money Treadmill for their income.

So, what is this Time-For-Money Treadmill?

In a nutshell: you give an hour of your time and you get an hour of some agreed upon pay. Let’s face it, most entrepreneurs or employees put in 10-plus hour days…..leaving you little time for anything else! So you can pretty much bank on earning a fixed sum of money every year.  This translates into:  you can pay your bills, save a little, and maybe take an occasional vacation.  Is this the life you dreamed of?

So how do you leap off the treadmill?

If you feel your worth more than you can eek out on the time-for-money treadmill, then you’re going to need a strategy! A strategy to develop a very lucrative second-income stream.

That’s what I did!

I looked at my business model and decided I could not be my primary product or service and achieve financial freedom.  I needed a business model that used my expertise for what I loved, helping small business owners and self-employed professionals soar to their potential, but one that did not necessarily require my presence. And if my presence was required – it needed to be to a larger audience versus one-to-one.

What happened next?

I watched my income increase! I found myself becoming more creative! With more time for myself, I could envision new ways to serve larger groups and yes, make more money!

So, where do you start? Here are a few tips:

1) Take inventory of where you are right now. Do a little self-discovery around your values. Honoring values is important to your strategy because it increases personal happiness and satisfaction.

2) Design a course of action that also includes your financial and personal goals. Ideally, this second revenue stream requires little or none of your time, known as “passive” income.

3) Next, hold yourself accountable for accomplishing your mini milestones. Did you know most people fail because they do not follow through? If this is a weakness for you, work with a mentor or hire a coach so you stay focused, laser-like, on your goals. 

4) Don’t get overwhelmed. This is critical. Keep things bite-sized, look at it as baby steps and just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Before you know it – you will have a business or second income stream  that honors your values and personal goals. Now you’re on your way to happily leaping off the treadmill!

If you’ve got any creative ways of leaping off your own treadmill, I’d like to hear them. E-mail us at: [email protected]



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