Life Coaching inspires, motivates, explores, and is action driven. A good Life Coach will challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone to have the life of your dreams. Coach Carol’s blog has again been named to the “List of 100 Top Life Coach Blogs”.  Follow her at

Benefits of Life Coaching


  • Discover your passion and life purpose
  • Resolve real life issues and discover new direction
  • Develop a healthy lifestyle and find more time for favorite activities
  • Build better relationships and create new ones
  • Operate outside your comfort zone to create the life of your dreams
  • Get out of your rut! Have more fun
  • Create more balance. Stop worrying!
  • Get to know your TOTAL SELF and what motivates and inspires you

Who should hire a Life Coach?
Top companies looking to get peak performance from their employees are hiring life coaches. Savvy business leaders that understand a well-balanced lifestyle increases job satisfaction and maximizes executive and employee performance.

Individuals who are serious about making positive changes to achieve the career, business, and life they deserve!

Is Coaching Right for Me?
Resonate with any of the following and you would be a great candidate for Life Coaching!

  • Imagine finding what you were meant to do and moving forward from there
  • Imagine learning to turn off the internal critic so that you can do what you love
  • Imagine knowing and honoring your values – so that you live in joy
  • Imagine having the support of someone who knows and believes in you to bounce ideas off of
  • Imagine creating TODAY as a bridge to all your happy tomorrows

My Co-Active coaching system has been proven beneficial for change by Neuroscience Research. Here is that article: Neuroscience Research Supports Co-Active Coaching as Tool for Change CTI faculty authors paper correlating coaching and positive effects on the brain.

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