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Cultivating The Creative Spark

What do Google, Deutche Bank, General Mills and other progressive companies have in common? They recognize the well-documented benefits of meditation for their employees. They are on the leading-edge of investing in mindfulness meditation classes for their employees to spark creativity, teamwork, and employ a healthier workforce.

In a 2011 study published on January 30, 2011, in the issue of Psychiatry Research Neuroimaging, a Harvard-affiliated team of researchers reported measurable changes in brain regions of meditators associated with self esteem, memory, empathy, and stress after participating in a mindfulness-meditation class.

Human capital is the lifeblood of any organization and nurturing this creative resource is how progressive companies stay ahead of the competition.

We offer an 8-hour course that includes mind tools to achieve:


*Improved EI

*Increased focus/attention

*Reduce stress

*Better Communication

*Access to creativity; innovative thinking

*Ability to perform under pressure

*Tools to support your job performance.

For more details or to add your organization to the growing list of businesses benefiting from mindfulness-meditation classes contact Carol Joyce at [email protected] or TEXT 708 417 9619.




Team building is enhanced with our unique half day workshop that includes Hemi-Sync technology for team building effectiveness.  We meet with the Team Leader and design the half-day based on team needs.  Contact us today to invest in your most important resource:  [email protected]


*Increased focus

*Creative problem solving

*Team effectiveness

*Enhanced communication among team members

*Learn relaxation techniques to stay calm under pressure

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