Hemi-Sync ® is a patented sound technology developed and refined at the laboratory facilities of the world renowned Monroe Institute (TMI).

TMI Facility Wall Hanging

The Monroe Institute (TMI) in Farber, Virginia

The technology has forty years of data collection, experimentation, and analysis to establish the relationship between the explorer’s subjective experience and the empirical objective measurements. Sound pioneer Bob Monroe deemed rigorous HemiSync w:headset photoscientific research was essential to gain an understanding about the influence of specific Hemi-Sync sound patterns on consciousness.

This in turn, led to a variety of Hemi-Sync products and TMI workshops featuring the technology designed for specific applications such as: increased focus, meditation, deep relaxation, stress management, pain management, and better sleep are among the many applications.

Incoherent Brainwaves


Right picture: incoherent brainwave pattern with limited processes.


Left picture: with the use of Hemi-Sync you see coherent Coherent Theta Brainwavesbrainwave patterns and hemispheric synchronization.


Thanks to the cooperation with renowned institutions and universities, the Hemi-Sync technology continues to be the focus of a variety of specialized scientific research. In addition, many therapists, physicians, educators and other Hemi-sync users apply the technology on a large scale in their professional environment.

The Hemi-Sync process is internationally recognized. Thousands of participants from around the world have attended seminars organized by the Monroe Institute. The seminars as they are offered through TMI-Chicago.com as well as on-campus seminars at the Monroe Institute are geared to develop advanced states of consciousness to explore and apply them with the use of Hemi-Sync sound technology.

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