Paul Rademacher, former Executive Director of The Monroe Institute, discusses Hemi-Sync® technology’s ability to move you beyond the 5 physical senses.

The Stargate Remote Viewer – An Interview With Joe McMoneagle author of Mind Trek and Pschic Spy and other books on Remote Viewing.

Nancy Honeycutt McMoneagle, ED and President of The Monroe Institute, takes a fun look back at The Monroe Institute’s history. She talks about the early days when, along with a number of other dedicated people, she helped Bob Monroe build the foundations of TMI. She reviews how Bob determined the specific audio signals to elicit particular states of consciousness.

Dr Eben Alexander, Neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven, speaks to the Professional Division of The Monroe Institute about his Near Death Experience (NDE).

“The Stillness Is You” Depak Chopra. Powerful, must-see meditation video

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